Multiplayer Level Of Pixel Gun 3D Has More Fun And Excitement

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I found that the multiplayer mode of Pixel Gun 3D to be more exciting and fun. Apart from the superb sound effects and crisp graphics, which I found very captivating to the eyes, all the controls and features of the game are very effective and easy to operate. In the multiplayer mode I could make my kills more freely and easily which kept on improving my score as I proceeded with the game. I could not only target my enemies better but also had an improved firing capability, which surprised me a lot as I am very bad at aiming.

As I proceeded with the game, I found that all my scores and gaming data were being stored successfully in an automatic back up system. It helped me in concentrating with my aiming, which I said I am very bad, as I did not have to keep a track of my score. It saved me from much time loss and game freezes. I also found that resources and its proper use played a very important role in winning the game. Though there are several other options to generate resources I also took the easy road available. You can call me lazy but i know how to hack pixel gun 3d and I found the tool very useful in generating resources which helped me further in the game.


While I was enjoying shooting my enemies I also enjoyed surviving their attack as well. This enjoyment and fun I found very limited in a single player mode. Though the basic principle of Pixel Gun 3D game is the same, which is reload, shoot and jump, but the art work along with the graphics attracted me the most. I am sure this is the only reason why the multiplayer game is more popular as I could easily fulfill all my expectations as a shooter. I easily achieved the set number of killings required very easily in this mode better than the single player mode while I was running all across the map shooting my enemies.

Another important reason for which I found multiplayer mode very nice is that it cannot only be played locally but I could also play it on the global level with the help of internet. I also enjoyed the wide range of weapons that were made available to meand I used all of them from time to time. It helped me to kill all the zombies and make the place safe and secured. Like them the ghouls, spiders and all other creatures did not stand a chance in front of me and my weapons. Apart from that I enjoyed the other contents that are loaded in Pixel Gun 3D game for the benefit of its users like player sprites built in the game.

I felt no short of my ammo as I could refresh them easily by buying unlimited amount of it with a little bit of strategic spending. The survival tactics, sprite customization, earnings from the oil fields, wider range for exploration, several game playing scenarios, and ability to play in different tournaments are very interesting and beneficial to me while I played Pixel Gun 3D in multiplayer mode.

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